Healthy Eating
7 tips to have your kids eat veggies

Did you know half of what your child eats is supposed to be fruits and vegetables? Yet, you surely know how reluctant our little ones can get with eating veggies! Here are a few tips to change that:

By involving your children in choosing or preparing meals, they'll be more interested in eating what they've created. Take them to the store, and let them choose produce for you. If they're old enough, allow them to cut up vegetables and mix them into a salad. On a pizza for instance, let your kids pick the veggies & spread them!

Make smiley-face pancakes, use cookie cutters to turn toast into hearts and stars & use veggies to decorate them, give foods silly names…. children will love it.

If your kids reject a veggie, have them get at least one single bite of it. Most of the time, kids reject veggies just because of their appearance. By having them try it, they will eventually get to like it.

Hide the veggies into your meals; for instance a veggie puree within a chicken quesadilla!
Make muffins with your child and add pumpkin, zucchini or shredded carrots to the muffin mix.
Make mashed sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes – sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamin A. You can also experiment with dips!

Plenty of research shows that kids tend to model the eating habits of their parents so lead by example!

Plant a vegetable garden with your children. Or just put a small cherry tomato plant in a pot in a sunny spot. By getting familiar with veggies, kids might be more likely to try them.

This one would probably be your last option and we have to say it works quite well so do not feel guilty… After all, it is for their own good!