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a key to healthy living

Sports contribute to a large part of our physical health as well as our mental development. Although there is always a main focus on the physical attributes that our bodies’ gain when undergoing sports activities, there are also several ways that sports positively shape our everyday life. 

 Sports increase your energy, therefore allowing you to be become more active in your regular daily activities.
By developing great body strength, your immune system also becomes resilient making you less prone to diseases and health risks.
Sports balance our mental development leading to an improvement in decision making as well as enhancing skills such as leadership, punctuality and discipline.
Committing to sports increases structure and self-organization.
Perspiration during sports releases toxins and impurities from your body, in turn lowering your body mass.
Sports & Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is the key to sustain you during your sporting activities, which is why the right nutrition is crucial as it affects performance and endurance.

Before exercising
Prior to your workout (2-4 hours) try to eat a meal with high carbohydrates and some protein while low in fiber or fat, which gives us the energy boost needed to fuel and sustain you through your sports activities.
Fruits are a good and healthy snack to have prior to your workout, along with yoghurt or cottage cheese.
During exercise

Drink enough fluids during a workout to replace the fluids you lose through perspiration and to prevent dehydration. Depending on the weather conditions, or intensity of your workout, you may want to drink more. Hydrating your body during exercise also boosts your endurance.

After exercising

Upon completion of your workout, it is vital to restore all the fluids and energy lost. This also helps prevents muscle cramps, fatigue and nausea post exercising.
Drink fluids to rehydrate your body and restore lost fluids during perspiration.