For Del Monte® Fresh Produce Company, sustainability is a management practice that guides our daily business activities wherever we operate. As a company involved in the produce, produce based foods and beverage industry and as a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize our responsibility to ensure that our business activities are guided by the careful balance of the interests of all our stakeholders. For this reason, the company has established environmental and social policies and procedures as well as numerous programs that protect and sustain the environment, and promote the wellbeing of our employees and the communities where we operate. Our environmental and employee programs are regularly audited by internal and external auditors against internationally accepted environmental standards such as GlobalGAP. More on sustainability, visit our website where we present the various programs the company has implemented worldwide.

Del Monte® Fresh Produce Company recognizes its responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner, that ensures the long term viability of the natural resources utilized for the production of our products, and the protection of the environment within which we operate.

To that end, we have implemented our environmental policy in our operations worldwide. To ensure full compliance, our environmental programs are audited, both internally and externally, and have been certified, among others, in ISO 14000, the international standard for environmental protection, and/or in the GlobalGap protocol.

Beyond the contributions to the economies of the countries where Del Monte® Fresh Produce Company operates, our company plays an important role in the welfare of approximately 40,000 employees worldwide. Our strict labor policies and practices ensure a hygienic and safe working environment.

All our employees are guaranteed safe working conditions and their rights stemming from international conventions and local laws. As in the case of environmental policies, strict adherence to our labor and social programs and policies is monitored and validated by frequent internal and external audits.

All of our sustainability programs are based on rigorous internal policies and systems as well as widely accepted international standards. Due to the proliferation of standards, the related costs and corresponding resource requirements, we have selected what we and many of our stakeholders consider the best-in-class food safety, environmental and social standards in the agriculture industry.

Every one of our operating units is inspected on a regular basis by internal and or external independent auditors against these strict policies and standards. Upon successful completion of the audits, the facility or operating unit is awarded the appropriate certification demonstrating compliance and our commitment to transparency.